Chapter 0 – Why Am I Writing?

I have decided to start writing a blog. Why? Well, mainly so that I can say to my friends and family “Look, this is what I’m doing with my life. Isn’t it cool?” and then awkwardly try to explain why exactly I think it’s cool.

In a little over 1 (one!) month, I will be setting forth, stepping away from (what now feels like) the cosy safety of undergraduate mathematics into the wilderness of postgraduate research. My chosen area? Fluid Mechanics. That’s right. For the next four years I will be getting up close and personal with more fluids than you can shake a stick at. I will be spending the first year studying for a Masters of Research and assuming all goes to plan the final three years will be spent earning a PhD.

This blog has one important aim: to demonstrate the main ideas of fluid dynamics to as broad an audience as possible. Sometimes I may stray into technical details, but I will attempt to keep these towards the end of my posts, and for the most part will try to rely on words, pictures and videos rather than algebra. Unfortunately, there is some maths that you just can’t do without, so there will still be equations, but I’ll try not to put you off.

Another good reason why I’m writing this is for posterity: at some point, when I’m wandering aimlessly through my very own Valley of Shit in the middle portion of my PhD and I look back on this, I can remind myself that I too was once naïve enough to think that I might “make a difference in the world”.

You can also follow my antics on Twitter: @FluidMatters. Please do comment with any suggestions, requests, questions or insights. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enough talk, let the science commence!

About owenjordan

I grew up in Wales, studied mathematics at Cambridge, and am in the process of moving to Imperial College for a 4-year Masters/PhD in Fluid Dynamics. Hopefully, I will teach you something interesting about fluids. In my spare time I'm a musician, part-time gardener, rugby player, welsh speaker, and computer geek.
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