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I grew up in Wales, studied mathematics at Cambridge, and am in the process of moving to Imperial College for a 4-year Masters/PhD in Fluid Dynamics. Hopefully, I will teach you something interesting about fluids. In my spare time I'm a musician, part-time gardener, rugby player, welsh speaker, and computer geek.

The (Very) Basics of Fluid Dynamics

Before we boldly set forth to discover new and exciting Science we need to ask ourselves what we want to study. What are fluids? Why is dividing the world into fluids and not-fluids a good idea? The name “fluid” is a label … Continue reading

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Chapter 0 – Why Am I Writing?

I have decided to start writing a blog. Why? Well, mainly so that I can say to my friends and family “Look, this is what I’m doing with my life. Isn’t it cool?” and then awkwardly try to explain why … Continue reading

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